Three Gurus of Our Life – Importance of Gurus in Our Lives

Indian culture has always given importance to the Guru and Student relationship. It is important to pay respect and trust to the people who teach us and help in leading a great life. It is our culture to respect our teachers as they remove the negative energy from our minds and life with knowledge and experience.

According to our culture, our whole life is dependent upon three main Guru’s. Do you know who our Guru’s are? Why do we need them? Let us discuss their role and importance in our life:
  1. Parents
    Parents are the first and foremost important guru’s in our life. They bring us to the world and familiarize us with every basic negative and positive fact about it. They are the ones who remain by our side through most of our lives and help in making the best decisions for a successful life. With their experience, love, care, and nurture we find it easy to sustain in the world. They not only teach us but guide us towards different objectives with a firm belief that we will be successful.
  2. Teachers
    Our educators are the second most important gurus of our life. They help in understanding society and its mechanism. They, with the help of different methodologies, helps to mature our skills that shall be required to lead a successful career in our life. They not only give us various skills but also test our knowledge so that they could identify our failures and improve them. We survive our entire life with the education we get from our gurus.
  3. Life
    Life itself is the master of all, it brings new experiences for everyone in a new way. People learn from meeting different people and absorbing their behavior. The situations that one faces in a whole life bring major and minor changes in us every day.

So, learn from every guru and respect as life can’t be lived without them.