Founder’s Message

The cosmic lighthouse, Agnitra foundation is spiritual and holistic science-based NGO founded by Dr. Ganesh Dubey, a “Spiritual Guru” bringing in rare level spiritual acumen and record of sacred experiences, in diverse Divine expedient. Encased with roots from a deep spiritual family environment, and developing an inherent inclination to know the truth, he was influenced from “Vivekchudamani”, text written by Shankaracharya, that say, “being born as a Human is rare, even rare is overcoming one’s instincts and rarer still is developing a craving for spirituality”. The inception of the thought in his soul carried him on the path of Dharma and Spirituality. He is blessed to have received knowledge from most eminent teachers who have experienced the spiritual zenith and lay the credits in the feet of his Guru’s. As it is rightly said, “a true seeker is found by the guru himself”.
White Light Meditation and Ruhani Satsang dawned and enticed upon him the devoir to higher learning. Meditation/Healing and spirituality seeded the belief of reaping something much more precious and permanent to achieve than material things, which has its basis lying in a higher force.

Our focus and objective is to design intense combination of meditation techniques together to revitalize and to enable people to deal with barriers on emotional, physical, mental and financial front.

Our special programs and services help us to maintain an active and independent lifestyle, through Spiritual Healing, Natural Energy Healing, Mystic & Holistic Sciences. As we inhabit an increasingly busy, connected, stressful and complicated world we need to discover a way of reconnecting with ourselves and our inner being for better productivity.

We design specific programs catering to the needs of the Corporates and Individuals through Ancient Vedic and New era methodologies.
Our counseling sessions, seminars & workshops to individuals and corporate groups with focus on the following:

We Believe In Certification

Agnitra foundation comprises of a team of well-trained certified trainers and provides a high-quality program of Certification for those who are qualified and called to the practice of Spiritual Counselling, Healing, and Care. Our holistic programs will teach you how to provide support, encouragement, and direction to spiritual seekers while obtaining the necessary skills and experience to serve others. An effective spiritual guidance mentor is someone who is actively engaged in a set of spiritual disciplines, who has a clear sense of personal ideals, regular prayer and meditation life, and an ongoing study of one’s own dreams.