I have explained about the duties of disciples many times. I explained that guru-nishta is the backbone of bhakti. Without guru-nishta, no one can have any kind of devotion.

Real Diksha & Guru

One may have taken initiation, but if there is no nishta, then he is inferior to a person who actually following guru without any diksha. Real Diksha disciple follows sincerity and obedience as his main principles. On the contrary, I see so many other disciples who are hiding things in their hearts from guru. They think, “My guru doesn’t know anything. He is foolish, & I can cheat him.” They don’t say this directly, but they think in this way. They think they can bluff their guru or any pure devotee. But in reality, a pure devotee cannot be bluffed. He who is protected by Krishna—how can anyone bluff him? If he is really a guru, he can never be cheated or bluffed.

Guru – Freedom & Responsibility

Guru knows everything but he always give freedom to everyone to do whatever they want, he normally do not interfere in anyone life because he knows all of them are responsible for their karma and its results. But, if he interferes and give a list of do’s and don’ts then it means he really wants to make changes in your life, if you follow him you will get benefits and the Karma Dosha could be reduced. His preaching’s if followed with pure heart can improvise the living standard of a devotee and can help in making a connection to that ultimate supreme power who is governing our each and every breath.

Guru Dosha Non-Remedial

When one has taken a diksha and has committed to follow the Guru then there should be pure following without any ill-thoughts in minds. No one can be a savior of those who even after a commitment to God and Guru think about harming them. It is a practice with no turning back. Once a devotee takes the path of thinking about harming a guru or causes any sadness in his life, then the ultimate protector of pure souls punishes in a way in which repentance becomes impossible. So, one must not try to get Guru Dosha rather than this try to get the blessing as much as you can, as it is an ultimate path of being near to God. Blessings of your guide/guru are most precious in your journey to reach to that ultimate power.

Thus, always try to get Guru’s blessings as much as you can.


Stay blessed Stay happy

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