Advanced Padmini Satvik Tantra Retreat with Dr. Ganesh Dubey (Goverdhan Nath)

5th - 10th August 2020 - at 253, 2nd Floor, Shahpur Jat Village, New Delhi

A Retreat that will empower you as a “SATVIK TANTRA HEALER AND MASTER” with Tantracharya Guru Dr. Ganesh Dubey (Goverdhan Nath).

We are pleased to invite you to Rishikesh Advanced Satvik Tantra Retreat, one in a kind unique & Divine program. This retreat will empower you as a Satvik Tantra Healer and Master. 

Advanced Padmini Tantra workshop empowers you with the ability to manifest your thoughts, create and design your destiny and ultimate journey will enhance your power to attain Ashate Siddhi’s and Nav Niddhies. We follow, ancient Vedic methodology of Shaktipath and Gurudiksha, which will not only clear your Karmic baggage of your past and present life but will also entitle you to the blessings of the entire guru parampara. As the knowledge of transits from our guru’s, you will have a better understanding of Upanishad – knowledge of the world and knowledge of the inner world, material knowledge (apara vidya) and spiritual knowledge (para vidya).

All the Vedas, grammar, philosophy, astronomy, astrology and all such knowledge fall’s in the category of Apara or lower learning. The knowledge by which Brahman (Supreme Soul) is known, is the para or higher learning. 

In this Retreat you will learn

​Mantra Diksha’s & Prayog:​

  • Dhanandha Yakshini
  • Kuber
  • Kaamdev
  • Shodashi Mahavidhya
  • Narsingh Mantra
  • Sudarshan Chakra
  • Navaarn
  • Baglamukhi
  • Shabar Mantra

Diksha & Sadhana:​

  • Padmavati
  • Ghantkarna
  • Maa Panchaguli
  • Shree Vidya Tantra
  • Mahamrituirunjay
  • Gorkhnath
  • Tantric Ganesh Mantra
  • Guru Datatre
  • Bhajran Band Sadhana & Prayog
  • Shatru Saman Sadhana & Prayog

​Understanding Sativik Tantra:

  • Tantra Yogi’s Beliefs & Practices
  • Importance of Teacher, Guru & Aacharay
  • Visualization & Identification of your Diety
  • Rituals & Worship Processes
  • Understanding about Sadhana’s
  • Mandalas
  • Yantra, Mantra and Nayas
  • Understanding about Patajanli
  • Asktan Yog Sutra
  • NavGargh impact on Human Life
  • Rudraksh and their uses

Introduction & Understanding Ashtak Laxmi​ :

  • Ashtak  Ganesh
  • Ashtak Bhavrav
  • Nav Naath
  • Nav Durga
  • Dus Mahavidhya
  • Dus Digpal
  • Shodush Matrika
  • 64 Yogini
  • 52 Bharav
  • 51 Shakti Peeth
  • 4 Dham
  • 12 Jotirling

Course's Facilitated by: Tantracharya Dr. Ganesh Dubey (Goverdhan Nath)

A “Spiritual Guru”and a trained yogi in Mahayoga Tradition since past 35years with over +12000 satisfied clients. He studied Vedic literature, Astrology, Vastu and has acquired 140 certifications from different scholars and seers. He has been awarded with World book of Records title for Satvik Tantra and paranormal healing. He strongly believes in Dharm, Arth, kaam, Moksha. He believes that you design your life by the mechanism of decoding cosmic energy. He organizes various retreats and camps for all-round self-development of every participant that transforms all the facets of his/her life. People, from different parts of the world, travel with him to experience the power of spiritual energy radiating from different places, which is beyond knowledge and ignorance.

Advanced Satvik Tantra & Paranormal Healing Retreat.

From 5th  – 10th August 2020
at 253, 2nd Floor, Shahpur Jat Village, New Delhi 

Energy Exchange:
Rs. 55,000/- 

Inclusive of Manual, Robe, Maala, Aasan, Tantrik Kit, Yantra’s, Trishul and Khadak

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